Vastu Analysis

Vastu Analysis & Remedies The general awareness about Vastushastra is increasing by the day.

Hence principles of General Vastushastra are commonly understood and followed by people. People even try to apply common remedies without consulting a Vastu expert. At times they imitate their neighbours without having regard to their specific demand from the Vastu. This is analogous to taking over-the-counter drugs or vitamins without consulting an expert and can be dangerous.

DMCS believes in Specific Vastushastra, as demands from a Vastu varies from person to person or business to business.

When there is a problem situation or crisis it is essential to find the root cause of the problem, which may or may not relate with the Vastu. Our analysis focuses on finding if the problem is related to Vastu effects or Time Phase or both.

Astro-Vastu Analysis

FIR analysis before visiting the Vastu to understand the relation between matter and Vastu effects.

PK (Prashna Kundali) analysis to confirm if the problem / matter is directly related to the Vastu.

Individual Horoscope analysis to check if problem is related to Time Phase or Vastu Experts visit to observe the Vastu along with its surroundings Identify negative effects of Vastu, if any. Analyse root cause and find solution using Astro-Vastu observations Astro-Vastu Remedies

We provide remedies primarily using Specific Vastushastra principles i.e. considering client specific needs. We take help of original PK (Prashan Kundali) to identify direction of Remedy DMCS Remedies are focused on improving the overall Quality of Vastu